Lab-created diamonds are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to earth-mined diamonds. Compared to mining diamonds, production of Lab-created diamonds results in fewer carbon emissions and less energy and water usage, excavation and disruption of land, and waste disposal, & human impact.Color G-H ; Singe Cut ; Clarity SI1-SI214K White Gold4.19 grams (approx.)Lifetime warranty , Jewelry Gift Box Included

Free from conflicts, cruelty and environmental harm, MADE diamonds align with your values of authenticity, integrity, responsibility, and commitment to sustainable living. Grown in America, and cut by artisans in the heart of New York City, they are the testament to the highest form of ethical diamond craftsmanship, genuine love, inspiring beauty and responsible choices.

True to Love.

Celebrate your authentic and magical relationship with the beauty and quality of a natural diamond but without the painful stigma associated with mining it.

Ethical Choice.

A diamond that is ethically responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free is a more compassionate way to symbolize your love. Opting for a diamond made by man, in line with your partner's values is a far more loving gesture. Our diamond jewelry signifies integrity and morality rather than the death and destruction of mined diamonds.

Firm Values

Made Diamonds are hand-cut by artisans, in our own lab in New York City, which allows the quality of each stone to be highly regulated in order to consistently create genuine man-made diamonds at a price point that represents real value. The result is a diamond indistinguishable from a quality of a mined diamond at a fraction of the cost.

Mining Harm

Diamond mining destroys the habitats of desperately endangered species and is responsible for an untold number of human rights abuses past and present. Believing in the mystique and allure of natural diamonds is an outdated and harmful mindset. There really is nothing more harmful in the name of romance than a natural diamond engagement ring.

14ct White Gold Polished 0 75 Dwt Diamond Line Bracelet 18 Centimeters NJAXXFMQV

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14ct White Gold Polished 0 75 Dwt Diamond Line Bracelet 18 Centimeters NJAXXFMQV

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